Remington XR1410

Best Compact Electric Shaver

Why people love it
  • Quick and easy grooming in the palm of your hand (literally!)
  • Waterproof; super simple and convenient to clean
  • The ideal shaver to take on vacation!

Requires multiple passes to eliminate hair, and there is a slight risk of razor burn.


Performance: For those who want a very close shave on the first pass, this isn't your top pick. With this little shaver, you'll have to go over your face a few times to get the job done properly. However, the compact design is what makes this one an amazing choice—it fits right in the palm of your hand, and it's small enough to fit in any toiletry kit or briefcase.

The rotary shaver heads flex and bend with the contours of your face, allowing you to easily get in the various nooks and crannies (around your mouth, under your nose, behind your jaw, etc.). Once you do a few passes, you'll find the shave is close enough for business and formal occasions, though be wary of razor burn.

Operation: You get a full 45 minutes of run time from this bad boy, and it only takes four hours to charge it up (half the charge time of most other shavers). It's incredibly simple to use, with just two buttons that allow you to turn it on/off. No frills or fancy add-ons, but an efficient, compact shaver to keep your facial hair in check.

Features: The rubberized grip of the ergonomically-designed shaver makes it comfortable to hold while shaving. The shaver is fully waterproof, so you can run it in the bath or shower, or certainly on a wet face.

The attachments are where this shaver really shines. There is a gentle bristle brush to use in your daily skincare/beard care routine, a pre-shave prep brush to get those hairs standing up and ready to trim, and a precision trimmer for extra detailed beard work. The brushes are highly effective at improving skin and hair health.

Price: At $75, this is pricier than our top-rated travel shaver, and the performance isn't quite on par with some of the other higher-rated shavers on our list. However, given its compact size and design, it's worth considering if you want a small rotary shaver to take on international trips.

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