Remington Vacuum Haircut Kit

Best Hair Clippers for Men for Easy Cleanup

Why people love it

  • No mess, easy cleanup 
  • Vacuuming function is fantastic 
  • Works great and long lasting  


The vacuum won’t collect everything – and there are some users that report issues with the plastic attachments catching on hair. 


There aren’t many hair clippers that collect the hair they take off your head. This one, however, has a built-in vacuum cleaner, making it an excellent choice for anyone with sensory issues or who hates cleaning up after the task at hand.

It’s easy enough for just about anyone to get the hang of and there are plenty of sizes plus left and right-hand tapers available. Of course, for the price, you’re not going to get many frills, but that’s not why you would buy these anyway. You get them for the vacuum suction that grabs your hair as it falls from your head. Now, we should warn you that it can’t manage every hair (especially the shortest ones), but it still makes for easy cleanup after a haircut.

Home or professional use: Home

Power source: Corded

Attachments: 6 length-altering combs, right and left tapers, a styling comb, barber scissors, a cleaning brush, a blade guard, 3 sectioning clips, an oil bottle, and an extra-large storage pouch.

Settings: 1”, ¾”, ½”, 3/8”, ¼”, 1/8”, left taper, and right taper

Blade type: Precision-ground blades. Blade oil is included with the kit.

Motor type: Dual motors with a high-speed fan.

Price: The MSRP is just over $40, but you should expect to pay between $35 and $41 for these clippers. That’s a totally reasonable price – and you get a 1-year warranty.

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