Remington S5500

Best Value Flat Iron

Why people love it
  • Near-professional quality at an amazing price
  • Rapid heating time and above average heat
  • LCD screen and digital controls make adjusting settings easy

Not as efficient for curly/frizzy hair, and the plate design is slightly uneven.


Performance: If you want a flat iron that delivers reliability at a very reasonable price, you'll love the Remington S5500. Users have commented that it is "near-professional quality", with a design that is user-friendly and efficient for straightening. Though it's not the best for curly or frizzy locks, it works well for coarse, wavy, and wild hair.

The straightener heats up quickly, reaching up to 410 F in just 30 seconds. The high heat enables you to style difficult-to-control hair. You'll have to give it a few passes to manage curlier hair, but overall it's a highly reliable straightener. You can expect many happy years of use from this bad boy!

Features: The 1" ceramic plates deliver the high heat to your hair, enabling you to straighten without damaging the finer hairs near your scalp. The flat iron has a "Turbo Heat" feature that will reach the maximum heat levels extra quickly for a rush job. Thanks to the digital controls and LCD screen, you have total control over the heat output for more versatile straightening.

Best of all, the straightener comes with an auto shutoff feature. If you're prone to forgetting that you left the straightener running, it will switch off after 60 minutes. And, thanks to the 360-degree swivel cord, you can maneuver the straightener at any angle without having to fuss with the cord.

Price: At $20, this hair straightener is worth every penny. Though its design isn't perfect—the ceramic plates don't quite touch, so the heating isn't fully even—it delivers reliable performance at a great price.

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