Why people love it
  • Wet/dry groomer
  • 5 snap on guide combs
  • 60-minute runtime

Works better out of the shower.


What Reviewers Say:

  • Battery life is great, charges as stated in 3.5 hours. It trims very well. It has the perfect size. I love Remington's simple design.
  • Great wee piece from Remington! The trimmer and it's attachment provide a good cut in and out of the shower. But for the best results, I found using it dry works better as the hairs are flattened down by the constant water flow in the shower. The bodygroom head works well. Again, best used out of the shower but beware - it is not 100% guaranteed you would nick something at some point.
  • This works great for cutting hair in private areas that would otherwise be at risk for getting accidental cuts from scissor blades. With the included plastic spacers, you can cut hairs at any length, and it doesn't have to be a close shave. It is super convenient that this works in the shower because the easiest cleanup is to wash the cuttings down the drain. The shaver and the charging base are both small, so it tucks away in a drawer without taking up much space.

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