Remington F5-5800A Men's Electric Razor

Longest Battery Life Electric Razor For Men

Why people love it
  • Best battery life on the market
  • Easy to stay on top of charging thanks to "battery fuel gauge"
  • Solid, reliable, workhorse appliance

Excellent battery life; quality shave.



Performance: The Remington dual-foil head delivers a decent electronic shave, though it's not as good at dealing with long beard hair. The floating head pivots to follow the contours of your face, and the extra-wide shave head covers more skin at a time. It's a reliable, practical, no-frills dry-shaver gets the job done, and feels comfortable in your hand.

Operation: Not only does this model have a longer battery life than any other on the market (60 minutes), but the large NiMH battery itself has a longer lifespan. The charge time is just 2 hours, and there is a quick-charge option in case of emergencies. The "battery fuel gauge" tells you when the electric battery is running low, but it indicates how charged it is. In terms of battery life, it is the best razor around.

Features: The Remington pop-up trimmer does a good job with your sideburns and moustache, and the shaver is fairly easy to clean thanks to the removable waterproof foil holder. The powerful motor runs a bit noisy, but it can slice through thick, coarse hair.

Price: The price tag of $45 is very reasonable. This Remington will last longer than most of the models on the market thanks to its top-quality battery. The replacement heads, however, are a bit pricey at $22 per head.

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