Why people love it

• Includes heat protective glove for easy styling  

• Price is a steal

• Creates sexy, tapered beach waves in seconds

Some reviewers thought the wand was pointless, as they felt they could achieve similar results with a regular, spring clip curling iron.

Performance: The Remington T|Studio wand features a 1-1 ½ inch tapered, ceramic barrel infused with real pearl, which creates the smoothest, most amazing waves ever. Also, if you’re looking for tighter, more defined curls, check out Remington's ½ - 1 inch barrel wand.

Features: This curling wand heats up to 410 degrees F in 30 seconds, beeping when it reaches your optimal temperature, and includes automatic shutoff for added piece of mind. The Remington T|Studio wand also features intuitive buttons that control the power and temperature, and a back-lit LCD screen which displays heat levels. Finally, as an added bonus, this wand features a swivel cord to make curling a breeze!

Price: Priced under $25, you really cannot go wrong with this styling tool. If you’re looking for salon quality at a bargain price you must give this curling wand a try.

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