Reliance Luggable Loo

Best Simple Camping Toilet

Why people love it
  • A beautifully simple solution to your sanitary/bathroom needs
  • Use the toilet anytime, anywhere with this bad boy
  • A sturdy, reliable toilet at an incredibly low price

Cheap, reliable, sturdy frame, incredibly easy to use, simple, convenient, odor-resistant, lid fits nice and snug, and 5-gallon container base makes emptying and cleaning a cinch.

Flimsy lid, latch, and toilet seat.


Operation: This portable toilet is as simple as it gets: it's basically a toilet seat and lid clipped onto a bucket. However, you'll find the toilet seat is surprisingly comfortable and will hold you securely in place as you do your business. The bucket is durable, stable, and a decent height for the average user. What more could you want?

With no muss, no fuss, and no fancy features to struggle with, how could you help but love this simple toilet? It can only hold up to 200 pounds of weight, so heavier users beware. With a sturdy handle, you'll have no problem hauling this toilet around and emptying it. The plastic is also odor-resistant, with an anti-bacterial lining that will make it easy to keep clean.

Features: The lid and seat are designed to be latched securely in place to combat odors, and many users have commented on how odor-resistant it is. Sadly, it's not leak-proof, so be VERY careful not to tip it over. Many users have also commented on how the lid, latch, and seat are a bit flimsy. The plastic isn't as durable as the bucket itself, so it could break more quickly.

Price:  This is the cheapest toilet on our list. It's simple, affordable, and reliable—everything you need for your occasional camping, hunting, and fishing trips.

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