Reliance Hassock Self-Contained Toilet

Best Self-Contained Camping Toilet

Why people love it
  • A sturdy and stylish camping toilet
  • Enjoy the comfort of a contoured toilet seat
  • Highly sanitary and easy to keep clean

Well-designed, lightweight, beautifully portable, odor-resistant, comfortable seat, inner splash cover, toilet paper holder, easy to clean, and designed for maximum sanitation.

Bags have to be purchased separately and are also pretty pricey.


Operation: If you want a user-friendly camping toilet that is odor-resistant and keeps your campsite nice and clean, you'll love this model. Thanks to its built-in inner bucket, you'll be able to detach waste material for easy emptying without having to move the toilet itself. Or, for even easier waste disposal, use the Double Doodie bags manufactured by Reliance. The standard-sized bags are fully compatible with the Hassock and make the task of disposing your waste material as easy as tying up the bag and throwing it away.

The camping toilet is made of sturdy plastic, and it feels solid as you sit on it, but it's surprisingly lightweight at just 5 pounds. It's slightly lower than your regular bathroom toilet, however. Thanks to its contoured seat, you'll be comfortable as long as you're sitting and doing your business.

Features: The toilet comes with a removable inner bucket made of odor-resistant plastic. You can easily remove waste, empty the bucket, wash, and replace. The toilet is designed for use with the Reliance Double Doodie bags as well. Cleaning this toilet is a breeze!

In addition to the contoured seat, the toilet comes with an inner splash cover, an ergonomic toilet paper holder, and a lid to keep the odors trapped inside the bucket. You'll find this makes for one of the most sanitary solutions for your campsite.

Price: At $37, this is a well-priced camping toilet. It's comfortable, sturdy, and keeps your butt firmly in place on the seat. Best of all, it's highly sanitary and odor-free (as long as the lid is in place).

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