Rejuvelle Bath Bomb Gift Set

Best Gift for the Teen Who Loves Baths

Why people love it
  • Organic ingredients
  • Amazing scents
  • Won’t stain tubs or skin

They’re smaller than bath bombs from Lush and other popular brands, but reviewers say they generally work just as well. You might need two bath bombs for a large tub.


Bath bombs are on the wishlist of nearly every teen girl we know, but parents often hate them because they’re messy. These bath bombs are made from natural ingredients, and they don’t leave an oily ring or unsightly stains around the tub.

This 6-pack contains several teen-friendly scents, including Yoga Sunrise, Vanilla Surprise, and Garden of the Gods. The bath bombs swirl and fizz in the water, creating a blissful bathing experience for your favorite teen. Oh, and they’ll leave her skin silky smooth.

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