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Why people love it
  • A comfortable, supportive, stable pair of flip flops to take anywhere
  • Lightweight yet surprisingly durable; great for walking or beach wear
  • Good arch support and cushioning for your heels

Straps tend to loosen and wear out quickly.


Style: These flip flops are definitely not a low-profile "thong" style, but they have a thick strap that runs across the forefoot to offer stability as you walk. Thanks to the thick heel and molded footbed, you'll find they're the most comfortable flip flops around. They offer good cushioning for your joints (compared to other flip flops), and you'll find they reduce wear on your foot bones/joints as you walk. If you're planning on doing a lot of walking around town/at the beach, these are the flip flops for you.

Materials: The outsole is made with durable, high-traction rubber, and the footbed is made using EVA rubber that offers good anatomical support for your feet. The air mesh lining in the shoes will reduce bacteria, odor, and moisture. The synthetic leather upper is stylish, though sadly it is the part most prone to wear and damage.

Durability: The shoes are very comfortable, and their thick rubber outsole is resistant to wear and tear as you walk. The footbed will be broken in very quickly, ensuring your heels/arches get the required support. The EVA rubber may wear out within a year or so, but it's the strap itself that is most prone to breakage. If you use them for a lot of walking, expect to get no more than 2 years of use from these shoes.

Price: Starting at $14, these are a very well-priced option. They're comfortable, fairly durable, and will be the perfect pair of flip flops for walking around that beach town.

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