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Reef Fanning Speed Logo Sandal
  • Comfortable and stylish—look your best at the beach, pool, or home
  • Good molded EVA footbed and anatomical arch support; great for walking
  • Resistant to water, odors, and bacteria

Versatile, sporty, beer opener built into the outsole, made in the USA, synthetic nubuck leather, 1-inch heel, comfortable, easy to clean, anatomical heel support and cushioning, and EVA footbed.

Not the most durable and tend to wear out/break quickly.


Style: These flip flops are built in the classic thong style, but with a thicker band across the top of your foot. This increases the lifespan of the flip flop straps and keeps them comfortable on your feet. With the Reef logo, it's a beachy style of shoe for sure.

The 1-inch heel is surprisingly comfortable, and you'll love the little air cushion built into the heel. The molded footbed gives you anatomical arch support as you walk around town. These flip flops are definitely made for walking!

Bonus: There's a church key built into the bottom of the sandal, so you can use your shoe to crack open your beer bottles—a great conversation piece.

Materials: The sandal itself is made with a rubber sole, an EVA molded rubber footbed, and synthetic nubuck leather uppers. Though the synthetic leather is more water-resistant than regular leather, it's not the most durable choice.

Durability: A number of users have complained that the shoe tends to break, and that's usually the cloth thong or the synthetic leather strap. The rubber outsole and EVA footbed are resistant to wear, and you'll love how the footbed conforms to the shape of your feet as you walk.

Price: Starting at $60, these are on the pricier side, but definitely a good option if you expect to do a lot of walking around town, at the beach, or even at hom. Though they lack durability in the upper, the outsole is well-built and suited to regular use.


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