Reebok Crossfit Nano 5.0

Best Cross Training Shoes for Women Overall

Why people love it

• Ideal for CrossFit, plyometrics, HIIT, combat classes, running, and weightlifting

• Comfortable even after hours of strenuous activity

• Great movement and flexibility with excellent support



Lacking durability, and features an extra wide toe box.


Performance: Want a pair of shoes that can keep up with any gym workout? Look no further! These shoes really do have it all. Thanks to their low cut design and minimalist feel, they're perfect for just about any workout or fitness training you can throw at them.

The shoes are designed for CrossFitters, and they'll keep up with your plyo training, combat class, and HIIT session. They're comfortable enough to wear for hours at a time yet provide great stability and support for your feet. The re-engineered shape of the latest-model shoes give these shoes a great fit. If you want to avoid sore feet after a hardcore training session, these are your top pick.

Features: The upper is made using synthetic material, but with Kevlar material infused into it to provide good support and protection for your foot. The outsole and midsole may not be the most durable, but you'll find the minimalist design makes the shoes a sleek ride. You'll have no problem running, jumping, and squatting in these beauties.

The NanoShell midsole is made from thermoplastic polymyer, giving your arches great support for heavy lifting and high impact training. The shoe has good cushioning without raising your feet too high off the ground. You'll find you have excellent stability for those lateral movements as well as jumps and squats.

Price: Starting at $55, this is one of the best-priced pairs of shoes on the list. They may not be the most durable cross trainers, but they're comfortable, well-designed, and the best choice overall.


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