Redken Stand Tough Extreme Hold Gel

Best Hair Gel for Men with Short Hair

Why people love it
  • Actually, seriously a great hold
  • Smells fantastic
  • A little goes a long way and without flakes

  • Hold that lasts and lasts
  • Sharp definition
  • Fair amount of shine
  • Can be sticky during application

This hair gel offers ultra hold and extra shine, so it's really not for the faint-hearted. It creates sharp shape definition so it's best for styles that have a lot of textures and need some height.

It's the kind of hair gel you need if you've got thick, medium length hair - though it will work on just about any but the longest styles. This is a great deal if you're looking for the strongest product you can get your hands on.

Notable ingredients: This gel doesn't have the best ingredient list (though there are far worse out there - just not on this list) and it does have an alcohol base.

Hold and control: When they say extreme, they mean extreme. Not only does this gel offer a lot of hold, but it's also going to keep hair in place all day. If you have a higher 'do, this is one of those products you should consider.

Shine level: For a gel, this is on the lighter side of shine. No, it's nowhere near-matte, but it offers a medium shine that appears more healthy than wet. Score!

Texture and fragrance: This gel has a crisp, clean scent that you might just fall in love with. It's not overpowering, and it's certainly attractive. It also has a standard gel texture.

Application: A little goes a long way and while it feels quite wet while you apply it, it dries firm in no time.

Almost unbelievably, you'll have some ability to restyle during the day. We wouldn't recommend too much of that, but if you happen to find yourself stuck in a tornado, adding a little water to your fingers will allow you to put your hair back where it should be.

Flakes and washability: No flakes. Wait, let's repeat that; no flakes. You get the most incredible all-day hold without any flakes. Brilliant. And it's not terribly difficult to wash out of your hair either.

Sizes and pricing: This is ouch expensive with a price per ounce at $4. But if you need serious, serious hold, you're going to pay it. Luckily, it comes with Prime shipping though there (sadly) isn't a Subscribe & Save option.

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