Red Dinosaur Bone Diamond Ring

Best Unique Men's Engagement Ring

Why people love it
  • Manufactured using real fossilized dinosaur bone
  • Strong, lightweight ceramic
  • Ultimate conversation piece

The ring you get will not be a perfect match to the picture because no two fossils are identical.


Materials: Ceramic is just as tough as tungsten carbide, but even more lightweight and comfortable. Black ceramic rings are the only black rings that will not have to be re-plated if you do somehow manage to scratch it. The color isn't a coating, it is true to color all throughout the ring. Then you have 230 million-year-old fossilized dinosaur bone cut and polished to a glossy gleam. To top it all off you have a white diamond that sparkles brightly against the black ceramic setting.

Design: You won’t find a ring out there like this one, the contemporary design is flawless, and the fossil is brilliantly masculine and one of a kind.

Price: This is such an excellent value for something so rare and unique.

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