Hate the way hotel lobbies (and airplanes) smell?  This is the gadget that will remove all that unpleasantness from your world.  It's a rechargeable wearable air purifier that eliminates airborne germs from one’s personal space. 


The palm-sized device weighs less than 2 oz. and hangs comfortably around the neck with the adjustable lanyard and purifies the air within a 3' sphere around your head. It emits over two million negative ions every second—9X more than any personal air purifier—that attach to viruses, bacteria, and mold and move them to positively charged surfaces like a floor and away from breathing passages. The purifier also combats tobacco smoke, pollen, and dust particles. The unit is silent and does not rely on costly filters that have to be replaced.

  • The rechargeable battery lasts up to 150 hours after charge via the included USB cable.
  • Includes a travel case. 3 1/4" H x 1 1/2" W x 2/3" D. (1 3/4 oz.)
  • Gift wrap is available for $6.95

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