Rechargeable Heated Massaging Stadium Seat

Best Christmas Gift for the Wife that Loves Live Sports

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Hammacher Schlemmer
Why people love it
  • Super comfortable
  • Gets really hot if you want it to
  • Perfect for watching outdoor sports in the cold

It takes 2-3 hours to charge and offers only a max of 5 hours of heat – less if you opt for heat with massage.


Features: Whether it’s pro football or the kids’ games, the worst thing about watching live sports is the uncomfortable bleacher seating. The pain is doubled or tripled when it’s a matter of sitting on cold bleachers in freezing weather.

Let her know you care about her comfort with these heated bleacher pads. There are three temperature settings up to 115°F. And it gets even better, there is also a choice of three massage settings for those that are so inclined. Yep, watching winter sports was never so good.

These seats fold to 4” and have a caring handle for easy portability. These are also waterproof.

Now, you should know that it takes 2-3 hours to charge these seats and from that, you’ll only get a max of 5 hours of heat. But, you’ll only get 2 hours if you choose heat and massage. She may need to ration herself for super long games, but she’ll appreciate every minute of warmth and comfort she gets.

Price: It may seem a little pricey to pay $90 for one of these, but you’re going to be jealous, so we actually suggest buying two straight away. You can rest easy with the 100% Hammacher Schlemmer lifetime guarantee.

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