If you're looking for high quality sound on a small budget, the RCA WHP141B might just be for you. That being said, don't think for a second that the sound quality of these headphones stacks up to the others in this list; we are including it only because it produces decent sound at a very low price.


These 900MHZ stereo headphones utilize "double phase lock loop" technology to extend it's effective range - you will experience clear sound no matter where  you are in your house. Be aware, however, that some home wireless phones operate on the 900MHZ frequency - so be prepared if you're enjoying a relaxing concert in your backyard hammock when a phone call rings in your ears.  

In our testing, we found the design to be both compact and comfortable for extended periods of time.


    •    900MHz Wireless transmits audio signal through walls, floors and ceilings at distances of up to 150-feet from transmitter
    •    PLL technology locks in frequency to prevent signal loss
    •    Three-channel selection on the headphone and the transmitter for easy tuning
    •    40mm speaker diameter for outstanding sound performance
    •    Transmitter serves as a charging stand (cable charging)
    •    Lightweight headphones with self-adjusting headband for comfortable fit


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