RCA Digital Alarm Clock

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Why people love it
  • Long-lasting unit for a very low price
  • Bright enough for dark rooms, but fully dimmable for those who prefer darkness
  • Large buttons and easy-to-set design make it ideal for children, seniors, and the tech-challenged

Sound is very loud and doesn't turn off until you get up and switch it off.



This device is simple and reliable. It doesn't come with all the extra fancy frills you get with other units, just a time display and alarm setting. The alarm is VERY loud, and it will keep ringing until you turn it off. It's compact and fits on any nightstand, but it's very easy to set and use. The nightlight built into the base will light up a room of any size, making it an ideal option for a kids' room.


This product is accurate as long as the unit stays plugged in. The battery built into the base is designed to keep it running in case of a power outage, but be warned: you may lose a few minutes if the power stays out for more than 4 or 5 hours. It will turn off when running on battery power, but the alert will still ring on time. If you turn on the nightlight, it will light up the snooze button, making it easier to hit for five more minutes of sleep.


Considering that you're paying just $10 for this puppy, it's a good purchase. It may not have all the extra features of the pricier units, but it's a simple, reliable workhorse that gets the job done.

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