Why people love it
  • Perfect for hardcore gamers
  • Keys are beautifully responsive and crisp
  • A serious piece of computer hardware

Pricey; keyboard software is a bit complicated to learn and use.


Details: If your man is a gamer, this is the gift he'll definitely want!

The keyboard is one of Razer's best, with a durable design, comfortable keyboard layout, and customizable functions (courtesy of the keyboard software and multi-function buttons). It may be a bit louder than regular keyboards, but he'll love the crisp, responsive feel of the keys as he types. It's a hardcore gamer's dream, with a lifespan of up to 80 MILLION keystrokes! 

The software is a bit complicated to use, but once he learns it he'll find it offers a lot more control than a regular keyboard. The back-lit RGB design is perfect for gaming in the dark and makes the keyboard look ultra sleek and stylish.

Price: Yes, $150 is a lot to pay for a keyboard. But it's the Christmas gift that any gamer will love, and the keyboard will last him for years to come. In our opinion, totally worth it.

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