Ray-Ban Aviators

Best Mirrored Men's Sunglasses

Why people love it
  • Can't go wrong with these glasses
  • Timeless style
  • Go with nearly any face shape

There can be a surplus of knock-offs from third party suppliers. Make sure you pay the extra money to buy directly from Amazon to ensure you get authentic Ray-Bans. 


Lenses: 100% UV protection and so many different styles to choose from, but our favorite pick is the Crystal Grey Mirror lenses. 

Frame: There is a huge selection of different options, but the silver-colored metal frames match the lenses perfectly. 

Design: Aviators first hit the big screen in 1961 and have been a staple of celebrity wardrobes ever since. Sleek, stylish, and timeless Aviators compliment a strong jawline and sharpen facial features. You and the ladies will love these shades. 

Durability: Authentic Ray-Bans are tough, but not Oakley tough, so make sure you store them in the case when not in use. 

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