Why people love it
  • Great for vegans and vegetarians who need more protein
  • Organic, 100% non-GMO, and free of soy, gluten, lactose, and chemical ingredients
  • Makes a suitable meal replacement, not just supplement

Texture is grainy and gritty; strong Stevia aftertaste.


Function: This vegan protein powder provides you with the amino acids needed to build muscle, but WITHOUT using animal products (milk or eggs). It's perfect for those who are going vegetarian or vegan, as it delivers the most natural protein and nutrients possible. Thanks to the organic spirulina and brown rice, you have a complete source of vegan protein in every scoop.

Nutritional Value:This protein powder comes in a 2.5-pound bag, and it delivers 15 grams of vegan protein per scoop. You not only get amino acids, but you also get a wealth of additional nutrients: Vitamin A, Vitamin B12, iron, potassium, magnesium, and Vitamin B3.

Features: The powder has a strong vanilla smell, but the flavor (courtesy of the natural vanilla) is mild and easy on the palate. Be warned: there is a Stevia aftertaste that many people dislike. However, it's easy on your digestive tract, won't cause bloating, and reduces your risk of indigestion. It's free of all gluten, lactose, soy, and chemical ingredients, and all the ingredients are organic, natural, and non-GMO.

Price: At $21 per bag, it's a decently priced protein powder. You get around 50 servings from this bag, meaning it will last for up to 2 months before you have to re-stock. All in all, a VERY good option for those who want vegan protein powder!

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