You can use it anywhere, but you'll find this baby is most useful when traveling.

  • Compatible with Apple, Android, Motorola, Google, HTC, LG...
  • Handles cell phones, tablets, headphones, speakers, and more
  • Smart charging enables faster charging on all devices

This RAVPower 6-port charging station offers you a lot of flexibility - and the need to carry half a dozen wall chargers everywhere you go. It's rated as Amazon's #1 in Cell Phone Charging Docks and there is a less-expensive 4-port model available.

What Reviewers Say: 

Amazon reviewers love this product and consistently rate it with 5 stars.

  • "What more could you ask for!"
  • "Purchased this after owning and using a similar product from another manufacturer for several years. The RAVPower charger has proven to be a much better product than my previous one. It charges multiple devices quickly and is made from much sturdier materials than my old charger."
  • "I really like this AC adaptor, with six ports I can plug everything in and have it at 100% when I am ready to pack it in the travel bag head out in the field. No screwing around waiting on something to get juiced up while in the car. Fifty watts of power means they will all get maxed out at the best rate monitored by the iSMart monitor circuitry"
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