RAVPower 16750mAh External Battery Pack

Best Gift for the Teen Boy that’s Always on the Move

Why people love it
  • Holds a lot of charge (several batteries can be charged from it before recharging)
  • Reliable, works well
  • Charges fast and holds power for a long time

Holds a massive 16750mAh of power – and allows you to charge 2 devices at once. Features a light for working in the dark and comes with everything needed.



Details: This is an amazing portable charger that holds an almost unbelievable 16750mAh of power and continues to hold it for a long, long time.

A single charge can recharge your iPhone over 7 times (Samsungs over 3 times) – and it does so quite quickly. That means your teen will never be able to use the dead battery excuse again – especially as it can charge 2 devices at once.

If you’re going to buy one portable battery, it probably should be this one – users love just how reliable it is for years and years of use.

Price: At $30, this is exceptionally priced given its strength, speed, and resilience.

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