Most Reliable HDMI to DVI Adapter

Rankie Gold-Plated HDMI to DVI adapter converter
  • Bi-directional, highly reliable
  • Sturdy adapter
  • Hand-tightened screws for extra grip
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Cheap, well-built, bi-directional, affordable price, gold-plated, grip treads help plugging and unplugging, long-lasting, excellent value, and great craftsmanship.

Adapter head is very large.


Performance: If you want a good-looking product that gets the job done, you'll love these adapters. They're designed to both convert HDMI to DVI and DVI to HDMI, enabling you to connect any two devices you own. Whether you're setting up a gaming system, connecting your TV to your computer, or pairing TVs, this will do the trick.

The bi-directional adaptors are great for use at the office as well as at home, as they can make connecting your monitors and projectors incredibly simple. With video resolution up to 1080p HD, you get excellent image quality.

On the downside, the adapter head is very wide, so you won't be able to use two of them side by side.

Features: The connectors are gold-plated, ensuring maximum resistance to wear and tear. The textured surface of the adapter gives you a good grip, making it easy to plug in/pull out. Thanks to the hand-tightened screws, you can secure the connectors in place.

Price: At $9, this is one of the priciest adaptors on our list. However, it delivers the quality and convenience you need, making it well worth the price for the 2-pack.


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