Ralph Lauren Romance Perfume for Women

Best of Floral Ladies Perfumes during a Night Out

Why people love it
  • A timeless scent for all seasons
  • Sexy, alluring, mature
  • Charming and long lasting

The fragrance is a bit mature for some.


Just as the name suggests, this fragrance radiates the mystery and intrigue of falling in love. Its flowery nature makes it subtly sensuous - perfect for a dinner party, a night at the opera, or any other sophisticated evening engagement. Overall, Ralph Lauren Romance is a soft and beautiful scent.

Scent: This seductive and feminine fragrance consists of a subtle blend of fresh rose, marigold, ginger, chamomile, freesia, violet, lotus flower, day lily, oakmoss, and musk. Ralph Lauren Romance further evokes the timelessness of love through the sensual essence of velvety woods, gorgeous florals, and sultry musk. 

Price: While Ralph Lauren Romance is one of the higher priced scents on our list, reviewers state over and over again that this fragrance is worth every penny.

What online reviews say: 

Ralph Lauren Romance is a timeless classic, keep reading to find out why reviewers love it.

  • "I'm in love with this fragrance. It is very light and has an amazing scent. It’s not too overpowering.. it’s just right. I really recommend it!"
  • "Ralph Lauren Romance will make heads turn no matter where you go."
  • "Favorite scent. I've been wearing this scent for about 10 years. I never wear anything else and I always get complements."

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