Why people love it
  • Good-looking; classy and clean
  • Conforms to your foot to provide amazing comfort
  • Surprisingly long-lasting; designed for durability

Comfortable, decent arch support, cleaner and more elegant looking, durable, non-slip bottom gives you excellent traction, and available in great colors.

Very uncomfortable during the 1 to 2-week break-in period.


Performance: If you want a pair of mens leather sandals to class up your summer outfits, these Rainbow sandals are just what you need. The double-stitched leather straps are highly durable, but they look clean and neat with your bermudas, board shorts, or even regular pants. The polished top sole makes them feel more dressed-up than a simple pair of sandals.

The design is more than just classy—it's also highly durable and built to survive years of regular use. There's decent arch support built into the shoes, and the non-slip bottom will be perfect for poolside and beach use. Though they take a week or two to properly break in, they're a pair of sandals that combine fashion, comfort, and durability into one.

Price: The price on these sandals vary between $35 and $70, depending on your size choice. However, the average price of $40 is well worth paying if you want a durable pair of sandals that will enhance your wardrobe's elegance.

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