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Rainbow Sandals Men's Double Layer Leather Sandal

Rainbow Sandals Men's Double Layer Leather Sandal
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Excellent arch support, thick soles offer great traction, elegant leather uppers, durable design, classy sandals, comfortable, and adapt to your feet.

Break-in period (1 to 2 weeks) can be painful.

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Performance: For those who plan to do a lot of walking (such as on a cruise ship or around a beach town), these are the sandals for you. They're double-layered, which means they have a thicker sole AND extra arch support. You can walk for hours, and it will feel like you're wearing your favorite pair of walking or running shoes.

The shoes are built with durable double-stitched leather that can handle a lot of outdoor use, but they look elegant. They'll match with any beach outfit—perfect for use in the nightclub, by the poolside, or on the boardwalk. Once you get past the painful break-in period (which lasts up to 2 weeks), you'll find they're some of the most comfortable shoes you'll ever wear.

Price: $50 isn't too steep a price for such a great pair of flip flops. You get the durable and elegant addition of leather mixed with awesome arch support and great traction. What more could you ask for in a pair of sandals?

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