As much as you love setting your lawn irrigation to a timer, you know you're wasting water. Now you don't have to.

  • EPA WaterSense Certified Product
  • Automatically adjusts to local weather conditions
  • Connects via Wi-Fi

It doesn't matter how large your lawn is, you want to keep it looking lovely for as long as it's green (and that's not to mention the landscaped areas of your property). An irrigation system is the best way to do that and an automatic system easiest way to do that. Still, you don't want to just set it and leave your irrigation system on a timer when you know it's likely to rain for half the week. Rachio understands your problem.

This smart gadget connects to your WiFi and automatically adjusts watering times and amounts based on local weather conditions. You can control and check data from your phone or laptop when you like, plus it connects to NEST, Wink, Control4, IFTTT and other top tier home automation systems. Plus, many customers report saving as much as 30% on this part of their water bill. (And that's the point, right? Not just the cool home gadget and app.)

What Reviewers Say: 

This product has an impressively high review score on Amazon, but then again, it's easy to see why:

  • Once installed, I powered-up and used the "blink up" process to connect the IRO to my wireless network (make sure you connect to a 2.4GHz network, doesn't support 5GHz). Worked first time. Then the app walked me through the setup. Very slick app and it works very well. Rachio also provides web access, and there are cool features like "landscaper access" where you can email a link to someone that (temporarily) will give them control via their smartphone. This is helpful if you need to have contractors service your sprinkler system while you're not home.
  • Same as all others here. I have been running the IRO for about 4 months now with many significant benefits and zero issues. Great product and eliminates yet another major pain in modern life. I actually have the 16 zone version with 9 zones turned on. Haven’t touched the control unit once since I installed in about 20 minutes. I love the setup and the application to name your zones, set the ground type, get recommendations, set the rain predictor threshold, etc. I use to get either dead grass in the middle of summer with too little irrigation or too many mushrooms from too much irrigation in the spring. Not anymore. The history and reports are great but there is much more beyond water savings and automatic seasonal adjustments.
  • After having the unit for 2 months, we are THRILLED! Love the push notifications that the app sends me letting me know what zones have been watered or not, depending on the smart weather data for the day. Although we are engineers (computer and electrical), we aren't the "handiest" of people (read, we don't like manual labor). My husband installed the Rachio and its outdoor housing in just 2 or 3 hours. We haven't had a single problem. Seriously, this is the Nest of irrigation controllers. I spent days researching and made a very cool spreadsheet comparing and contrasting every smart irrigation controller available. I have to say, without a doubt, we made the right decision.
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