Quik Shade Adjustable Canopy Folding Chair

Best Gift for a Soccer Mom (Or Any Sports-Loving Mom)

Why people love it
  • Adjustable top offers custom sun protection
  • Easy to set up and transport
  • Comfortable for a variety of weights and heights

Innovative canopy blocks the sun from multiple directions. Lightweight chair weighs just 9 pounds.

Comfortably supports up to 225 pounds, which may be a problem if you’re buying this for a mom who plans to watch games with a kiddo or two on her lap. However, multiple reviewers say the weight limit is simply a recommendation rather than a set-in-stone guideline.


Why she needs it: Sitting on hard metal bleachers isn’t our idea of fun, and we aren’t fans of laying out a blanket on wet, muddy grass either. We’re guessing the sports-loving mom in your life feels the same way, which is why this folding chair won’t end up crammed in a basement or garage somewhere.

We dig the two drink cup holders because every mom knows that she’s not just responsible for her own beverages. There’s also a built-in accessory bag that’s perfect for holding sunblock or a secret stash of chocolate. The chair’s resilient polyester exterior repels stains and resists water damage, so she can cheer on her favorite team rain or shine. Speaking of sunshine, this folding chair’s adjustable canopy prevents golden rays from obstructing your view of the big game.

Price: This comfy canopy chair typically costs between $20 and $30, but we’ve seen it as high as $35. It costs half as much as similar chairs, but it has way better ratings.

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