Que Powerbag Backpack with Built-In Charging Station

Best Christmas Gift for the Teenage Boy That’s Always on the Move

Why people love it
  • Really cool bag
  • Well-designed and innovative
  • It’s got everything you need

This bag offers charging on the move through a USB port (that can be charged with the included cable). It has Bluetooth speakers built-in and the shock resistant pockets keep your gear safe.

A few guys may be a little too rough for this particular bag; it’s strong but not invincible.


Details: This isn’t an ordinary backpack; it’s a power-charging, media-playing work of genius. The built-in power charging station means your teenager will always have the power he needs to call you to check-in. Okay, that’s unlikely to sell him, but the Bluetooth speakers are likely to get his attention; he can also plug an aux cable in if needed.

Sadly, there isn’t a compartment for a water bottle, so you may want to toss in this leak-proof, clip-on water bottle. And, if your teenage guy already has a hot backpack, he might just need this best-selling portable power bank around.

 Price: At just under $95, this bag is pretty pricey. But, if you can find it on sale you'll pay about $75, which we think is much more reasonable.

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