Qpets 6-Meal Automatic Pet Feeder

Best Automatic Dog Feeder for Feeding Wet Food

Why people love it
  • Works wonderfully well!
  • Super easy to use
  • A true life saver

This isn’t much of a challenge for larger, hungry dogs; they’ll be able to take it apart without too much struggle.


This isn’t the most advanced automatic pet feeder out there, but the price is right. You can schedule up to 6 meals in a 24-hour period. Both wet and dry foods will work, and it’s relatively sturdy. It won’t survive super rambunctious pets. It is, however, perfect for lazy pets as there is a voice recorder that plays as the food is dispensed.

For Fido or Fluffy? You can use this for either cats or dogs, and it’s popular with both!

Kibble or tartar? You can fill this with either wet or dry food. You may not want to load it full of wet food to let it sit for a full day. But that’s up to you.

Capacity? You can fit a max of 6 cups of food in this automatic dog feeder.

And that’s how many meals? That’s 6 meals with a max of 1 cup size each.

What sort of power is needed? It works exclusively with 4 C batteries, and you’ll only need to replace those every so often – maybe once or twice a year.

Is the cleaning easy? Mostly. The bowl is dishwasher-safe, but you need to hand wash the main unit.

Will it break the bank? No! And that’s exactly why this is on the list. It’s one of the most cost effective automatic pet feeders on the market. If you’re worried your pets will destroy such a gadget, this is the best place to start.

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