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Qantas Airways
  • Flex tickets allow for easy rescheduling at now cost
  • Baggage is included on every fare
  • Leading premium service airline for the land of Oz
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Qantas may be best known for flying the world’s longest nonstop flight—nearly 17 hours from Dallas to Sydney—with the world’s largest plane, the Airbus A380. However, with excellent service, value fare, and award winning equipment, customers just cannot get enough of everything this airline has to offer.

Unless you spend the extra money to purchase a Flex fare, change and cancellation fees for this airline are some of the highest on our list.


Cabin Comfort: Qantas offers four classes of travel: first class, business, premium economy, and economy.

In economy you can expect ergonomically-designed, slim line seats with built-in lumber support, an adjustable headrest, and seat reclines. For longer flights you can also expect softer seat cushioning, netted footrests, and more legroom.

In premium economy you will be able to relax in your private cabin, tucked away on the A380’s upper deck right behind business class. The cabin features between 32 and 40 seats, with more space per seat and dedicated flight attendants. Like the economy seats, the premium seats feature an ergonomic design, but also include multi-way adjustable headrests, extra seat width, foot rests, additional legroom, and access to your very own snack bar. A number of amenities— including: pillows, blankets, eyeshades, and socks—may also be available on long haul flights.

In business class, not only will you have access to business lounges prior to boarding, but each seat features a state of the art, intelligent seating Skybed. Each seat, or Skybed, features a wide range of seat adjustments, unique massage options, reading lights, and personal inflight entertainment. Each Skybed also comes equipped with a new mattress, duvet, and turndown service. And, if you’re gonna go big, why not try Qantas’ T2 Wellbeing tea before bed? Customers can’t stop raving about it. In business class you will also have access to the private onboard business lounge, equipped with a 58mmLDC screen and refreshment bar. All business class passengers will also get to take home a stylish amenity kit, which includes ASPAR Sweet Orange & Shea Hand Cream, Vanilla Orange Lip Moisturizer, and an Ultra-Hydrating face mask. Qantas-designed unisex grey pajamas are also available to business passengers on select flights.

Finally, in first class, you can expect to journey in unsurpassed luxury. Upon arrival to the airport you will have access to the Qantas First Lounge, featuring a signature menu, complimentary spa treatments, and private business suites. Once onboard, all first class suites include a fully flat, extra-wide bed featuring luxurious pillows, blankets, duvets, and sheepskin mattresses. Controls at the end of your armrest move your seat, leg rest, and lumbar positioning for customizable comfort and your space also features an auto man—allowing you to host a companion inside your suite if desired. Snacks and light meals are available at any time during your flight, and first class passengers are also welcome to prestige wines, spirits, beers, loose leaf tea, and espresso coffee. Luxurious amenities include Qantas First pajamas made of 100 percent, plus matching slippers and stylish amenity kits featuring Aurora Spa products, Martin Grant-designed socks, and maximum comfort eye masks.

Regardless of where you’re sitting, Bespoke Bickfords welcome drinks will be served after take-off, and all travelers can expect enjoy the high quality food and fine Australian wines (250 to choose from, to be exact) served in all cabins—for complimentary tasting!

Entertainment: All seating classes will have access to on-demand, in-flight entertainment in the form of in-seat control and touch screen monitors throughout each flight. This includes access to over 500 entertainment options on smaller aircrafts, and 1,500 options on new A3080s and B747s.

Options include movies, TV shows, CD playlists, flight tracking, interactive games, and radio channels. Travelers also have the option to place personal phone calls and reply to texts using the entertainment control system.

Passengers in premium economy and business class also receive noise-cancelling headsets and have access to power outlets and USB connectivity on newer planes. Larger touch screens are also available to business and first class travelers.

Baggage & Change Fees: Baggage is included on every Qantas fare, with included checked baggage allowances being determined according to your itinerary and are displayed at the time of booking. Weight allowances for checked bags will be determined by booking class, but range from the base 66 pounds all the way up to 174 pounds (for Platinum and Platinum One Frequent Flyers only).

Change fees depend on the destination, fare type, and class of ticket booked. No Change Booking Fees will be applied for changes on any Flex fares. For most destinations, all classes of passengers can expect to be assessed a change fee of $200 (Sale fares) to $300 (Saver fares). Cancellation fees will range from $500 (economy and economy plus) to $600 (business and first class) for Sale fares and $200 (economy and economy plus) to $300 (business and first class) for Saver fares.

Customer Service: Qantas prides itself on customer service and allows customers to reach via both phone and internet with any customer service needs. The staff is friendly, understanding, and willing to go the extra mile to keep customers happy. Qantas is Australia’s leading premium service airline and is clearly dedicated to being the best.

On top of that, Qantas is incredibly reliable when it comes to on time arrivals and departures. In fact, in terms of punctuality, Qantas even surpasses our number one airline, Singapore Airlines, with an on time percentage of 86.18% – putting Qantas in the top 5 most punctual mainline airlines in the world.

Frequent Flyer Programs: Qantas frequent flyer program is one of the best available to business and leisure travelers alike. Qantas is a member of the Oneworld Alliance, which allows members to use benefits when flying on any Oneworld partner airlines.

Qantas Points can be earned through flights or credit card use, and Status Credits are earned strictly by flying and the amount is based on the fare type, carrier, and flight length. Status credits are what will help members move up membership tiers for better benefits. Membership tiers include Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Platinum One. Each tier comes with its own set of benefits, which may include any or all of the following: lounge access, free seat selection, additional baggage allowance, priority upgrades, bonus points, priority boarding, and luxurious amenities and premium cocktails while onboard.

Additionally, Qantas Points can be applied in a variety of ways, such as booking flights, hotels, and tours around the world. Points can also be used on the Qantas Store where members can purchase a number of items including headphones, appliances, and even Qantas luggage. However, keep in mind that points are much better spent on flights and upgrades, as the point per dollar ratio in the Qantas Store is not great.

Air Fare: Qantas is currently running a promotion where you can purchase a Flex fare from Dallas to Sydney for just $1,700, which is for economy only. If you’re looking for business or first class expect to spend somewhere in the ball park of $8,600 to $11,500.  Yeah…not cheap. But, what did you expect for the world’s longest non-stop flight?


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