Best Cheap Men's Engagement Ring

  • Perfect for men with active lifestyles
  • Holds up through day-to-day activity, regardless of what your day consists of
  • Large variety of colors to choose from
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A lot of occupations do not allow metal rings on the job. It's also a bad idea to keep a metal ring on while partaking in a lot of outdoors activities, due to the the risk of degloving and serious finger injuries. The QALO will not harm the skin or finger if there is an accident, so you can wear it any time, any place.

Some reviewers report that the QALO can crack or split over time.


Materials: The QALO is made with medical grade silicone that is durable, hypoallergenic, and comfortable. The QALO will remain a visible symbol of commitment even for men with the most active of lifestyles.

Design: The QALO may feel a little clunky compared to metal rings, but as an alternative men’s engagement ring the QALO was made to be different and stand out through work and play. With the QALO you'll never have to worry about getting hurt or losing your ring.

Price: The QALO is the most affordable ring on our list and won’t break the bank to replace. It’s made to flex, break, or pull off in an accident so you lose the ring instead of a finger.


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