This kit uses a germicidal UV bulb to kill over 99.9% of bacterium.

  • Dual handle sonic toothbrush with UV sanitizing function
  • Sonic movement rechargeable electric toothbrush
  • 12 brush heads

The Pursonic dual handle electric toothbrush has 3 modes to give you a different brushing types. And that's just the beginning of what this toothbrush can do.

What Reviewers Say:

Although this doesn't have the highest review score for electric toothbrushes, it's worth seeing what others have to say:

  • The real test was when I had my checkup. The dental hygienist reported that my teeth had no tartar or staining. Being a coffee drinker they usually would have some staining. She said there was very little scaling and my gums were better than the last checkup. I told her about the brush and it's price and she was quite impressed. Usually I have had some staining and tartar that she would have to remove. I like the UV brush sanitizer. It's super easy to use.
  • This set is taking the place of my Phillips Sonic Care toothbrush that I've had for years. When I saw this set, I decided to try it. In comparison to the other, this one is actually better to my surprise. It seems to clean my teeth much better. Some review said the tooth brushes are too small, but my dentist says it's good to use the smaller tooth brush so you can get into the side of your teeth better to get the plaque out. I think the size is perfect. Highly recommend.
  • Very very pleased. I've used several in the years and this tops them all. Mainly because it uses a true ultrasonic vibration others rattled my brain. Also the gum massager which I need due to medically induced problems. Also 12 bushes I don't have to spend 30$ or better on every 3-6 mo. I'd buy or again.

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