Purple Mattress Reviews

Purple Mattress Reviews


After 4 hours of research evaluating 4 products, we picked Purple 3 as our top choice.

According to a 2009 study, people who swapped out their old mattresses (five years or older) for a newer design reported an increase in sleep quality and a decrease in back pain and stress. Considering we'll all spend about a quarter of our lives sleeping, all of us could probably benefit from a newer mattress.

Here's the deal:

Purple mattresses feature a state-of-the-art hyper-elastic polymer that provides a sleep like no other: sleeping on one of their mattresses often feels like floating on air. It's a truly unique experience, designed in part by a legitimate rocket scientist. 

But here's the kicker:

Each Purple mattress has at least 2" of their patented hyper-elastic polymer. This material is arranged in a honeycomb grid and provides ample room for air to flow and heat to dissipate, making for a super cool and restful sleep.

If you want to start taking your sleep more seriously, maybe it's time to upgrade from the old spring mattress to one of Purple's space-age designs. Let's jump straight into the Purple mattress reviews to see which one of their four models is the best fit for you and your sleep style. 

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