Why people love it

  • Works super well 
  • Relieves itchiness 
  • A terrific moisturizer 


This is natural, but it’s not hypoallergenic – and it costs a pretty penny too. 


There’s something amazing that this eczema cream does that many don’t – it gets rid of the awful weeping patches that many sufferers experience. And, it provides similar relief across a variety of skin conditions. You can expect softening of hard spots, reduction of red patches, and more. It really is quite amazing.

But, it’s ridiculously expensive and most users go through it quickly, which is an absolute shame. That said, there is a 180-day money-back guarantee. At the very least, you’ll find it’s one heck of a moisturizer with a lovely smell.

What’s inside (and what isn’t)? The amaranth oil in this formula aids cell regeneration, as do the other skin foods found within. And you would certainly hope so based on the price.

Who’s it for? It’s for anyone with eczema – from mild to severe cases. And, yet, it’s safe for children. But, it's also for anyone suffering from a related skin condition. 

Consistency and fragrance? There aren’t any added artificial scents with this smooth lotion.

Will it break the bank? The MSRP is about $40 for 4.5 ounces. That’s nearly $9 per ounce, which we know is a little steep. But, you’ll usually find it closer to the $30 mark which brings it down to about $6.70 per ounce. That’s still quite pricey, but it is backed by a 180-day money-back guarantee if your skin condition hasn’t improved.

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