Pureology Hydrate Conditioner

Best Hair Conditioner Overall

Why people love it
  • Micro-Emulsion Technology strengthens hair from within
  • Moisturizes, detangles, and locks in color
  • Works on both straight and wavy hair

Praised by both consumers and stylists alike, this conditioner is truly a powerhouse of natural ingredients. Its versatile formula works well on both straight and curly hair and it’s both salt and sulfate-free.

If you're buying online, make sure you get this directly for Amazon to ensure you receive an authentic product.


Performance: Regardless of hair type, this conditioner has a little something for everyone. It hydrates and moisturizes dry, parched hair; conditions and revitalizes color treated hair; provides UVA/UVB protection from harmful sun radiation; and gives lift and volume to dead, lifeless hair.

Scent: Not only does the hearty blend of aroma oils, jojoba esters, shea butter, peppermint, sage and rosemary smell amazing, but it moisturizes and nourishes damaged hair.

Price: A 33-ounce bottle is going to cost about $1.53 per ounce. Although it's not the least expensive product on our list, reviewers report that it is worth every penny. And though this product is also available in an 8.5-ounce bottle, we recommend the larger size as it's a much better value.

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