This baby is hot, hot, hot!

  • Contains the world's hottest commercially grown habanero the Red Savina
  • Has a range of 400,000-500,000 scoville units
  • Pure Habanero sauce

Contains the world's hottest commercially grown habanero, the Red Savina, with a range of 400,000-500,000 Scovilles. Compare that to the common Jalapeňo pepper with 5,000-7,000 SHU, and you get an idea of how hot this is.  Never over do it with this sauce, but remember there are even hotter options to explore.

What Reviewers Say:

  • It's really hard to find truly pure habanero sauce. This one is the real deal. Most other hab sauces I've tried are either blended with carrots and tomatoes or they're supplemented with pure capsicum for "blow-your-brains-out" heat. Yes, this sauce is very hot, but it's hot on its own merits and you can taste the actual pepper flavor, which is why I like hot sauces in the first place. This is a true gourmet hot sauce, not some culinary toy to play Jackass-style pranks with.
  • Of course how 'hot' a sauce is is a subjective matter, but objectively speaking this is a rich and warm sauce. Since it's not mixed with carrots, sugar, lime and the like, you
    taste pure habanero. The sauce is hotter than most habanero sauces that are adulterated but is in no way obnoxious-I-dare-you-to-try this hot. No doubt the heat and taste of the
    pepper comes through but so does that of the food you're putting it on. Highly recommended for those who like real heat and flavor without resorting to mouth-numbing
    over the top concoctions.
  • Pure Habanero added amazing flavor and great heat to a recent batch of chili I made. It seemed to add a depth to the flavors that were already present as well as its own amazing flavor. A few drops to several cups at a time really kicked up the heat which is exactly what I was looking for though I certainly would sample straight from the bottle. Speaking of the bottle though, the extract is very thick and the bottle is glass with a narrow neck. It's just about impossible to get anything out. I used a straw but a better bottle design would be nice or include a suction dropper like children's medicines come with.

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