Best Natural (Vegan) Body Wash for Women Overall

Puracy Natural Body Wash
  • Great subtle scent 
  • Gentle on sensitive skin 
  • Everyday family favorite

The formula of this best body wash for women is totally vegan and good for you. It’s gel-like with a light foamy lather and a citrusy scent. 

The pumps cause some issues – especially with the way they’re packaged. You may not want to add this on to a big order with lots of little packages to be on the safe side.


The citrus and sea salt mixture of this body wash leaves a light, lovely aroma, but it’s hardly overpowering. We like that as is, but we really have to give this body wash props for being as natural as natural can be. There aren’t any animal by-products, petroleum, formaldehyde, dyes, parabens, or sulfates. Whether your skin is sensitive or you just want to do right by the planet, this is the body wash for you.

Now, it is on the pricier side (though not hugely expensive), but we really appreciate the 64-ounce refill size which means you can reuse your existing bottles (even better for the environment). And a little does seem to go a long way, even if you shouldn’t expect a lot of lather. The only drawback seems to be the pump mechanism. Not bad, right?

Organic or natural: Natural and vegan

Parabens: No

Sulfates: No

Added fragrance: No

Cruelty-free: Yes

Good for sensitive skins: Yes

Exfoliating: No

Texture: Gel-like

Scent: Citrus and sea salt

Package size: 16 fl. oz – there are also refill sizes available

Pricing: The MSRP is $14 for the 16-ounce bottle, but you should find it for a little less on Amazon. That works out somewhere between 80-90 cents per ounce. It’s a little on the pricey side, but not that bad especially for all the natural ingredients on the inside.


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