Best-Looking Boxer Briefs

Pump! Touchdown Cruise
  • Mesh panels offer excellent ventilation; stay cool all day long
  • Comfortable, durable, and versatile
  • A sexy, stylish pair of bright-colored boxers
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Sexy style, highlight your package, great support, breathable, built for athletic use, light body contouring, good elasticity, and vivid colors.

Pricey and too tight for men with larger legs.


Fabric: These underwear are made of 94% cotton and 6% Spandex, meaning they have just enough elasticity to make them comfortable without interfering with the pilling resistance of cotton. The material is super soft to the touch, and you'll find they're a beautifully durable pair of underwear for casual and athletic use.

Support: The underwear comes with a little pouch that allows you to nestle your junk comfortably as you move, sit, lounge, or train. It offers good testicular support—though not as much as the ShockWave Jogger, another Pump! Underwear option that comes in a close second behind these.

Comfort: These are some of the most comfortable underwear you'll ever own, thanks to their super soft material (cotton blend) and their ample coverage. The elastic around the legs may bunch up a bit if you have larger thighs, but you'll LOVE the ventilated mesh panel included in the inner thighs. You'll never overheat in these bad boys, even if you're running or training hard.

Price: At $34, these are definitely on the pricier side. However, you'll find they're super comfortable, versatile, durable, and a stylish, sexy pair of boxers that will make you look your best in and out of the bedroom.


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