PUMA Pulse XT Geo Cross-Training Shoe

Most Versatile Cross Training Shoes

Why people love it

• A design versatile enough for ANY workout

• Excellent stability, grip, and comfort

• Responsive and dynamic; great for rapid movements


Sizes run small and not great for wide feet.


Performance: For those who mix up HIIT training, CrossFit, kickboxing, and weightlifting in their weekly workouts, these shoes were made for you. Their slim design makes them perfect for cardio and HIIT training, but there's enough cushioning to protect your joints. The padding around the collar will reduce blistering no matter how much you jump around.

The shoes offer great stability and an outsole with superior traction, especially on concrete floors. The fit may be a bit narrow, but for the average person these are a snug, grippy pair of shoes that will be beautifully comfortable.

Features: The responsive footbed is the major selling point of these beauties. The midsole is designed to compress and expand, giving you a certain "bounce" that makes your jumps and sprints faster. The rubber outsole is thin enough that you can feel your feet flat on the ground, but the groove running along the middle of the sole enables you to make quick lateral movements.

The snug fit will keep the shoes tight on your feet as you run and jump. The shoes come with a "slip-on bootie" design that makes putting them on a breeze. You'll love how lightweight the shoes are, yet they don't sacrifice durability.

Price: Starting at $45 and rising as high as $120, these are definitely on the pricier side of the market. However, they're worth it if you're looking for a shoe that's comfortable on the dance floor, among the free weights, and on the treadmill.

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