Why people love it
  • Cotton-blend boxer brief with contrast flatlock stitching
  • Prints have a humorous edge (or stick with the basics)
  • "Quality, style, comfort, logistics, are very good"

Aside from the hefty price, no negatives about this product.


According to Men's Health, this Pull-In boxer brief has been a best seller for the brand for over 10 years. The reason these babies sell so well? The 85% polyester/15% Lycra is super soft and cool on the skin. They breathe well and keep you supported, but not constricted.It doesn't matter which one you choose, these are incredible underpants from the Pull-In line.  

What Reviewers Say:

There doesn't seem to be any real complaints about this product. Guys love it!

  • "I've purchased several pairs of these in different prints - they all fit well. They're tight-fitting by design, so if you want "breathing room" these won't make you happy, but if you like boxer brief that fits like a second skin, these are perfect. They're pricey - but worth it. I've had some for well over a year, the colors never fade and the elastic seems to hold its tension forever."
  • "This was my third purchase of Pull-In boxer briefs (different designs each time, of course!) - I buy them because they fit great, they feel comfortable, they don't fade in the wash - overall they're everything I could ask for. Yes, they're kinda expensive - but they last - the elastic isn't sagging at the waist, I can wear them under anything (thermals, dress pants, etc.) and they never bag or bunch. They pretty much fit like a second skin. So... you cold say I'm happy with them."

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