Why people love it
  • Well-priced and well-valued product
  • Pleasant smell of mint (thanks to eucalyptus and menthol)
  • Contains natural ingredients to soothe, purify, and moisturize your skin

Doesn't lather as easily as other soaps and shave creams and dries quickly.


Performance: If you're looking for a quality shaving soap that gives you a drier shave than classic creams and foams, this is a good product to consider. It's wet enough for a single pass, and it won't make as big of a mess as wetter and thicker foams.

The ingredients contain natural antiseptics like eucalyptus and menthol, both of which help to tone your skin and give the cream a pleasant smell. The cream also contains coconut oil, stearic acid, eugenol (from cloves), and geraniol (from rose oil) that will help to moisturize, hydrate, and tone your skin. It's not the most natural shaving cream around, but the natural ingredients it does contain will do a great job of nourishing your skin.

Working up a lather can be a bit of a challenge until you figure out the "secret". However, the lubrication is good, and it will protect your face from razor burns, bumps, and rashes. The foam isn't as thick as others, but you'll still get a good close shave every time.

Price: $10 isn't too high a price to pay for this shaving soap. It's as good as many of the other shaving creams on the market, and at a much lower cost. If you're looking for something a bit simpler than fancy shaving foam, it's a good option to consider.

Faveable Review

This is the number one wet shaving soap on Amazon - and a number of international sites - for a reason. Proraso (an Italian brand) have done it right, they've done it inexpensively and they just keep on doing it. Because it's made with eucalyptus as well as glycerin, you can expect it to wake your face up whenever you lather it on. It'll feel good when you do it. And, it's still made following the hot soap making process which is pretty incredible. It's left to mature for 10 days in small production batches and still sells for such a wonderfully low price.

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