Proraso After Shave Lotion

Best Aftershave Lotion

Why people love it
  • Smells exactly the way you want an aftershave to smell
  • Cooling and refreshing (there is a slight difference)
  • Great finish to an awesome shave

This aftershave lotion prevents bumps and rashes as well as ingrown hairs. Proraso really offers a smooth, invigorating finish to your shaving experience.

If only the scent lasted longer. Really; it's that terrific - but it's short-lived.


If you head to a barber shop in Italy, you'll almost certainly find this product on the shelves and barber workstations. It's been a trusted product in Italy since 1926 and it continues to attract new followers constantly.

One of the aspects we love most about this aftershave lotion is that it's made from 95 percent natural ingredients. In part, that's due to stricter laws in Europe regarding cosmetic products. But, it's also because Proraso opted to make the shift when they stumbled on the ingredients they needed to create authentic grooming products without introducing nasty chemicals. That's right, this baby is paraben free. It's also about as soothing and refreshing as any lotion you're going to find on the market. 

What Type of Aftershave Is This? Lotion

What’s Inside? If you're excited about natural extracts, you'll want to try this aftershave lotion right away. Inside, you'll find refreshing menthol, purifying eucalyptus, and witch hazel. That last ingredient naturally heals razor rash, which we know all men want - even those who don't experience it badly. What won't you find in this bottle? Parabens, sulfates, or phthalates; see, told you it was an excellent product. 

What’s It Smell Like? The menthol is immediately evident in the aroma of this aftershave lotion. You'll also smell the eucalyptus and perhaps a bit of mint. Overall, it smells incredibly clean and compelling. 

Will It Break the Bank? Nope. While it's not the cheapest product on the list, it retails for just over $4 per fluid ounce. That's really not bad, especially given the ingredients and reputation behind this lotion. 

What’s the Bottom Line? This is easily the best aftershave lotion (as opposed to aftershave balms) on the market. It's filled with lovely ingredients and free from the bits you don't want. It's super refreshing and cooling and it smells absolutely fantastic. If more men preferred lotions to balms, we would move this straight into first place, especially given the reasonable price. 

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