Prop 'n Go Slim Tablet Pillow with Adjustable Angle Control

Best Christmas Gift for the Teenage Boy that Has Everything He Needs

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You get 14 angles (between 9° and 75°) and it’s easy to adjust between them while maintaining the stability devices require.

There’s that strange polka-dot pattern and it’s not as if your tablets will remain in the right position when moving around a lot.


This little guy allows you to watch your tablet or phone on your bed without dealing with the clumsiness of hard stands or propping it up yourself. It works on your lap (though, sadly, doesn’t operate well as a lap desk when not in use). Or, you could lay it on the bed next to you because the angles are adjustable. All in, it’s a handy little device for the teenager planning to spend a lot time in his room. (That’s a lot of them.)

If your teenage boy isn’t terribly into hanging by himself with his tech, you may want to try this shocking game. (And that’s a minor electrical current, not something horrifying). You won’t get it, but teenage boys will flip for it. And then there’s this sweet LED bedside light with Bluetooth speakers.

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