ProForm Hybrid Trainer

Best Elliptical/Bike Combo

Why people love it
  • Both an elliptical and recumbent bike in one machine
  • Includes upper-body grips for a full body workout
  • Features a wireless heart rate monitor

Users report that the ProForm Hybrid Trainer is quite difficult to assemble and can also be a bit noisy. 


Performance: The ProForm Hybrid Trainer features a 15” stride length and 14 digital resistance levels, allowing you to adjust your workout resistance for increased calorie burn. This elliptical also features upper-body grips which work to strengthen and tone muscles. Additionally, the total body workout allows you to burn maximum calories in a shorter period of time.

Features: The ProForm Hybrid Trainer allows you to customize each and every workout. The target pacer technology features an indicator light that tells you when to speed up or slow down based on your desired weight loss goals. This elliptical is also compatible with the ProForm workout app, providing 14 pre-set workout options that automatically adjust the resistance of the elliptical/recumbent bike to enhance your workout. As an added bonus, users report that the app is incredibly easy to use.

Price: At just under $380, the ProForm Hybrid Trainer is one of the least expensive ellipticals on our list. Plus, with the ProForm Hybrid Trainer you will truly get double the functionality at half the price. Users agree that this elliptical is worth every penny!

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