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Primal Pet Food Freeze Dried Nuggets

Primal Pet Food Freeze Dried Nuggets
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Raw diets are best for cats with sensitive tummies, but it's hard for a lot of owners to get past the ick-factor when you make raw food yourself. This cat food makes raw easy!

 This isn't a cheap food, but your cat will thank you for it!

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Protein: At 52% protein from chicken and salmon, this is a really impressive cat food when it comes to nutrition content. 

Ingredients: Primal Pet has absolutely zero grains, gluten, corn, wheat, and soy products. The chicken and salmon are raised with no added hormones or antibiotics. 

Type: This food comes in raw, freeze-dried nuggets that you rehydrate with water before serving. The flavor that cats seem to prefer is the Chicken & Salmon Formula. 

Cost: For an average sized cat, this food will cost you about $2.17 a day when you buy the 14oz bag to maintain a healthy weight. 


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