Why people love it
  • Great fit for larger cup sizes 
  • Supportive but still has some give 
  • Downright beautiful 

It’s hard to find luxury bras that won’t break the bank but still look great on women with larger cup sizes. This Prima Donna bra was made specifically for those women and it’s one you won’t mind paying the extra money for.

It’s expensive. It also doesn’t come in any sizes smaller than a D. (If you wear a smaller size and are looking for a luxury-priced bra, may we suggest you check out the Simone Perele on this list?)


Size: D-cup and larger. 

Support: This is the perfect amount of support for larger breasts. You’ll feel lifted but not stifled, so your shape will still look natural beneath clothes instead of uncomfortably squashed.

Comfort: Because these bras are made specifically for larger cup sizes, the construction is tailored to carrying the weight of large breasts while not putting undue stress on the rest of your body (like your shoulders).

Price: It’s expensive, but larger breasted women are already paying more for their bras anyway, so does it really matter if you pay a bit more for something that’s actually pretty and functional?

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