Presto 6-Quart Stainless Steel Pressure Cooker

Best Pressure Cooker for the Technologically Challenged

Why people love it
  • Great performance
  • Wonderfully easy to use
  • The perfect size for a very nice price

The top knob isn’t as sturdy as you would want it to be.


If you’ve never worked with a pressure cooker before, this might be the one you want to start with. It’s a basic stovetop pressure cooker, but it does what it says it will without any of the extra fuss. There isn’t a pressure indicator, per se, but the cover lock indicator makes it impossible to open the lid during the pressure cycle. And, there is a quick release valve.

We can’t oversell this Presto pressure cooker because there aren’t many features to oversell, but we can tell you that even tough, cheap meats come out of this cooker tender and delicious. Truly. It’s absolutely worth the price and would be our top pick if this was all about stovetop pressure cookers.

Capacity? 6-quart standard; there’s also a 4-quart size (and multipacks available).

Easy to clean? It’s super easy to clean – you can toss the whole thing in the dishwasher. How brilliant is that?

Safety Features? The cover lock indicator will let you know when pressure has built inside – and it prevents the cover from lifting until the pressure is reduced.

Extra features? This is about as basic as it gets for a stovetop pressure cooker, but we do appreciate that an extra rack is included for pressure cooking different foods without blending flavors. There’s also a 64-page instruction booklet with recipes in the box.

Other cooking methods? You could use this as a standard stovetop pot if you really wanted to, but we would absolutely advise saving it for pressure cooking. It’s so much more useful as a dedicated item.

Will it break the bank? No – and we appreciate that more than you know. The MSRP is about $70, but you should expect to pay under $50 and there’s a 12-year warranty that comes with that. You like it even more now, don’t you?

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