Preo Curl Up

Best Precision Eyelash Curler

Why people love it
  • Allows you to get in the corners
  • Amazing for deep set and hooded eyes
  • Works for stubborn lashes

These are on the pricier side, and you definitely should expect a learning curve.


If you just can’t get your lashes into a standard curler, there are only two options for you. One is a brush-styled heated eyelash curler, the other is a precision curler. And, many women strongly prefer this option as it allows more control and can be used without heavy mascara. But, you will find that this – like any precision eyelash curler – will definitely take some getting used to.

Once you get this going, however, the days of missing the corners will be over. As an extra bonus, that means your false lashes will look more realistic if you choose to apply them. Just remember to apply light pressure and try not to look at the price tag.

Curler type: Precision

Material: Stainless steel           

Handle: Feels more like nail clippers

Silicon refills: There are 6 refill pads included and you can get more.

Electric: No

Heated: No

Special features: These only do tiny amounts of lashes at a time; they’re perfect for those difficult to reach lashes.

Price: Okay, the price is on the high side, especially for such a small gadget (sorry1), but the $20 you’ll pay for this isn’t that bad for a precision curler.

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